cyDNA: See Beyond the Surface of Cyber Attacks with Adversary Signal Analytics - EMEA

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ArcSight cyDNA provides external situational awareness and actionable intelligence for complex, siloed operating environments.

It provides a bird’s eye view of divisions being targeted and how attacks are being carried out. It allows you to discover, define, and contextualize internet signaling beyond your perimeter, giving you added time to prepare against threats before they can be used against you.

While competitors can tell you “what could happen”, signals-based analytics of cyDNA tell you “what is happening”, as well as how your attack surface is being used in attacks.


Be sure to join our threat intelligence experts as they show how cyDNA can:

  • Identify an impending DDoS Attack.
  • Show the origin of attacks, even through proxies.
  • Show threats specifically targeting YOUR organization.


Markus Sell
Markus Sell
Product Manager of ArcSight cyDNA

Guy Kramer
Guy Kramer
cyDNA Field CTO Worldwide