CyberRes Galaxy: A Constellation of Threat Research


Please join Ramses Gallego, International Chief Technology for CyberRes, as he explains how CyberRes Galaxy completes and complements the tasks at the SOC and for risk management at large.

In this session, you will learn about how Galaxy enables organizations to:

  • Measure the impact of a threat in the business with ALE (Annualized Loss Expectancy).
  • Embrace a new (business) approach for a robust and solid threat management program. 
  • Adapt and adopt new methodologies to interact with different stakeholders regarding attacks and mitigation strategies.

The evolving threat landscape requires a new approach to the way we deal with attacks and a full understanding of not only technical aspects, but also implications for businesses of any size, geography, and industry.

CyberRes has launched an immersive platform that fulfills the mission and vision, purpose and promise of threat mitigation. We invite you to learn how our approach serves analysts, executive operations, and everyone involved with threat hunting, risk mitigation, and attack surface management.


Presenter: Ramses Gallego, International Chief Technology Officer for CyberRes


Ramses Gallego
Ramses Gallego
International Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity

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