Privacy Enablement and Artificial Intelligence in the Multi-Cloud Era 


Do you want to know how to take competitive advantage of multi-cloud while managing privacy and security effectively and efficiently? Find out from our panel of experts as they discuss the challenges of multi-cloud adoption, deliberate on solutions that enable privacy and empower zero trust, and describe how to reduce risk exposure with threat intelligence and automation.

With their experience and expertise, they will discuss the best strategies to enable the acceleration of multi-cloud with security solutions:

  • How privacy enablement increases cost efficiencies and reduces risk with data minimization, monetization, and protection.
  • How zero trust enablement helps in securing access to data and assets across multi-cloud.
  • How threat intelligence helps in staying abreast of the latest and greatest threat actors attacking assets on hybrid-cloud.
  • How Artificial Intelligence aids in reducing risk exposure, specifically on cloud.
  • How to automate security and privacy-enabling technologies and reduce risk.

Our Esteemed Panelists

Ramsés Gallegeo
International CTO, CyberRes


Madhu Bhat
Director-Chapter Development, Cloud Security Alliance, Bangalore

Vinodh A
Practice Partner, WIPRO